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[COLOR="DarkRed"]About 2 weeks ago i blacked out/fainted, i was missing about 10 minutes when i finally came back too. Directly with that i had dizziness and nausea. From than on and still i have been getting headaches and migraines along with other minor things. I went to the er, they did a ct and an mri and found a spot (lesion, i believe) on the left side of my brain. They weren't sure what it was just that it wasnt a tumor, or stroke they suggested getting a spinal tap, to check for ms, since apparently ms in most cases is more than one spot according to this doctor. My test results for lymes diease came back pos. so they were also thinking of seeing if that was in my spinal fuild. I haven't had my spinal tap due to some issues with the hospital appecting my insurance. So from there i have gotten sick, with what they believe is a virus because my white blood cells are low. And i had an eeg that was normal. They also put me on inderal (spelled wrong) and medicine for the the lymes diease. I have so many mixed emotions, and it just seems like the doctors are running me around in circles. They say that the spot is an issue because of the headaches and being tired, that it could be from the lymes but they don't know and it still throws up a red flag because i am only 22 but no one is telling me anything or seeming to do anything to try and figure out what it is. I seriously don't know what to do or think....Any advice or input....[/COLOR]

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