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Ending: this is why I had an MRI

Hi I am a 41 year old female who up until Nov. 2007 was very healthy and normal. When I had a tick stuck on my temple on my right side in Sept. 2007 and I didn't get bullseye rash or symptoms I didn't think I had lyme disease.

I have been researching my symptoms and found them to be really close to the ones of lyme disease especially the way people word them is exactly what I have been describing to my doctor.

I have been going to my regular DO..and an opthalmologist..ent..chest and neck xrays..ct scan head and neck..regular blood work.. had an emg right arm.. I have been to the emergency room 2 times in 4 weeks and everything is normal and I feel like I'm going crazy. They tell me it's just panic attacks and migraines!! I have never had a panic attack or migraine ever in my entire life..why now???

I was really really sick Nov. and Dec. 2007 with a uti supposedly and took cipro which is what I normally take only this time I felt like I was having terrible and I mean terrible shakes and my face and neck muscles would spasm so bad I thought I had lock jaw. I took the cipro for 7 days because the doctor wouldn't listen to me and said I probably picked up a virus so after suffering for 7 days I called and said I need something else and he gave me Keflex 500mg for 10 what a difference!! I felt great for a week then I got an upper respiratory I went back and told him I needed more antibiotics and he said no it's just a virus. So after cough up green and yellow and feeling like an elephant sitting on my chest I went to a clinic and they gave me erthromyacin. Didn't seem to work as well as keflex but I did eventually feel better somewhat.

As soon as I run out of antibiotics I feel terrible again only now it's worse than ever. My central nervous system is whacked out completely making me feel like I am losing it. Sometimes my arm feels weak or my eyes are blurry, sore, dry, red, pulsing when I sit after moving around..muscle aches everywhere especially shoulders head neck..arms and legs..terrible vertigo when lying down..can't watch TV makes me nauseated. Sensitive to light and sounds and smell. No energy at all. Shortness of breath doing simple tasks.
Can't take ibuprofen or caffeine..intensifies trembling and shakes.

I can't sleep because I keep seeing flashing lights.. And the electric current/ buzzing feeling drives me I can feel my pulse going through my body. Intense pressure feeling starting at base of my neck going up to right side of my face and temple sometimes left side too and making my eyes feel like they are going to pop out. I get the shakes so bad I feel like I am having seizures. My body temp. has been as low as 94.5 and my blood pressure is 90/55. I really feel like I'm losing my mind.

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