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Hello. I was wondering if anyone could please explain something about my sons test results. This is what all is going on and the tests that were performed :
My 9 year old son, Brent, has been going through testing for the last few months due to neuroligical issues. Heres a little history of the symptoms hes having which have for the most part just developed over the last year and a half ~ Abnormal gait- his right foot drags some and at times it even bends at the ankle and drops, falling or tripping often, can hardly run sometimes, severe pain and weakness in legs, feet (sometimes to the point he can hardly walk), and hands and complains of a "shocking feeling" sometimes in legs, feet, and hands,bouts of confusion sometimes, memory loss and forgetting how to do some simple tasks and having to ask which is right and which is left, major decline in handwritting, struggling with school work, and problems comprehending some things. All this is worse at times than others like it comes and goes except for the foot dragging is always present just not as bad at times. A little medical history ~At the age of 6 months he was seen by a pediatric eye specialist for a 1 to 2 mm Anisocoria with left eye being slightly larger in dark. Both responded with light with the left being slightly more sluggish also a moderate hyperopic error of aprox. +4.50 -.50x180 and +4.00 -.75 x180 but they felt since no other neurological issues were present it wasn't a major concern. Every year his far sightedness has gotten a little worse. No history of head trama. Mild speech stuttering problem. He was refered to a neurologist a couple days after Christmas after being diagnosed with an abnormal gait and upper extremeties weakness. He saw a neurologist on 2/4/08. Had an MRI of brain w/o contrast on 2/27/08 which stated: "There is an area of abnormal increased T2 signal noted in white matter adjacent to the posterior horn of the right lateral ventricle.This appears asymmetric when compared to the left side. This is nonspecific but consistent with an area of demyelination or gliosis. No other abnormal areas of signal intensity are noted in the brain." On 3/2/08 had a Very Long Chain Fatty Acids in the blood test to check for nutritional and metabolic disorders performed which came back normal but also noted that the % of C22:6w3 (DHA) was lower than normal. On 3/19/08 had an EEG performed which stated: "There was no evidence for epileptiform discharge but some excessive slowing in the fronto polar derivations, slightly more prominent on the left. This physiologic asymmetry does raise the question of structural problems in the frontal regions. Would consider neuroimaging." He has a follow up on 4/28/08 with the neurologist, whom I am having some issues with due to questions he was asking concerning compairing my son to his 6 year old sister who is very intelegent, right in front of my son. His neurologist isn't telling us anything. I have had to call his office over and over to get his nurses to call me back with results to all of his tests and then they would only tell me that "they came back abnormal he needed to come in for the next test." I haven't talked to his neurologist since our app on 2/4/08. I obtained the results by requesting a copy of them through the hospital they were done at is the only way I know anything. Now, Brent is having alot of low self esteem issues now since he has been forgetting so much especially with not being able to remember how to do or having to strength and coordination to do simple every day tasks. He feels hes not smart anymore. He has also just recently starting showing some bouts of anger, frusteration, and withdrawl, which I feel is caused by him being scaired and not being able to control what all is going on. It is so hard to see him like this and to not be able to help him make sence of any of this.
Also I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the normal ranges for the very long chain of fatty acids testing. If you have made it to reading all this THANK YOU very much and any information is appreciated.
Shelly and Brent

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