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TMJ has more to do with the size of the bottom jaw, in comparison to the top. It causes the jaw to pop or hang. It can cause pain in the hinge area because of inflamed muscle. A lot of people have a problem with grinding their teeth in their sleep. If you have tmj, this makes it worse. (There is a device you can buy to keep from grinding your teeth). I read an article about how bottle fed babies tend to develope tmj when they are older. The muscles in the head and jaw don't form properly. Breast feeding encourages growth of the muscles, since more work is needed to get milk down.

The pain you are feeling in your ear needs to be checked out by an ear nose throat specialist who knows what they are doing! It may need to be looked at deeper. (An MRI ) A doctor may not 'see' a problem when they look in your ear with the little light, but that doesn't take care of the inner ear. You could have fluid that has leaked in your inner ear. It sounds like something is affecting the pressure in your ears. (I have the same problem!)
There are other possibilities as well.
Have it checked out again. If you don't like the doctor's answer, go somewhere else!

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