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Hello, I am writing on behalf of my daughter. On Saturday she was sitting in her car and out of no where, she got this incredible pain in her head. She described it as a hammer that just came down on her. She says the pain is inside her head and not like a bruise or something on the outside. Her eye lid was swollen, she was nauseaus and dizzy. I told her to go to the ER and the Dr. 1st told her that perhaps someone threw something into the car and it hit her. She explained that the window was rolled up and so that wasn't possible. He looked in her eyes and did a few neurological tests. He asked her if she had any health problems and she told him that she has Pulmanary Stenosis of the heart and he 1st said oh, like that concerned him...but then he just continued with the Neurological tests. He said that if it were serious, here neruological tests would have been worse than they were and was going to just give her some pain meds. to take and send her home. She asked if they could do an MRI or something and the Dr. said, if this were a perfect world, he would do a CT scan, but since it is not a perfect world...she should go home, take the pain med. and if things dont get better in a few days, to see her regular Dr.

Well, for the rest of the Weekend, she has found it almost impossible to get up out of bed. She says that she always wakes up after 7 hrs. of sleep, regardless of the time. Yesterday and today, she kept turning her alarm off and finally forced herself to get up today at 3pm because she needed to go to work. She said her head still feels like a jack hammer and she is still nauseaus and her eye lid is still heavy.

She is going to do all she can to get up tomorrow to call her regular Dr. and see if she can go it right away. She was telling a co-worker about everygthing, and she metioned that it sounded like her friend, who had a brain anurythm (sp?). Does anyone have any thoughs?

Has your daughter seen a Dr.?

My mom had very similar symptoms almost 2 years ago, but after 3 days it was so bad that we took her to the ER. They immediately did a CT scan and found a brain abscess the size of a golf ball, and she had brain surgery a couple of days later.

Of course chances are that the pain is transient and doesn't mean anything, but a doctor who doesn't order the proper tests sounds concerning. Here in Alberta 50% of people who present to the ER with severe headaches end up getting a CT scan, even if just to rule out things.

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