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[QUOTE=mnsheppard;3640919]My 17 yr. old daughter was in a car accident monday. as a result of that a c-scan was done to make sure there were no internal injuries. they didn't find anything due to the wreck, but the neurosurgeon stated that they noticed a "SPOT" in the center of her brain. he said it didn't look like a tumor but that he could not be sure of anything until a MRI is performed. Of course, that is to be scheduled in a week or two. So here I am wondering what all are the possibilities. Googling "spot" on the brain isn't very helpful. What is the official term for 'spot'? I just need something to hold me over until this MRI is done.... She's 17! My baby! I think God for that wreck though I guess; otherwise who would have known? If anyone can give me a term to search, or a helpful link I would appreciate it.[/QUOTE]

There shouldn't be much worries right now. I found out i had brain tumor when i was sixteen, but mine was visible. I also had a spot in my spine and a spot near my tumor at the same time stuck to my brain. they didn't know what the spot was, but since i had the tumor they treated it as one. its been a year and my brain tumor is removed. the docs found out that the spot in my spine and next to where my tumor was, are just dead cells. it doesn't mean anything. and it hasn't grown or moved, which is what they hope doesn't happen. so i think you shouldn't assume the worst for your daughter. worrying start anxiety, which i have now and you DEFINATELY don't want that for her nor for you.

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