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Re: Chiari symptoms
Aug 14, 2008
Hello, I'm new to this board and would love some help reading my mri. I've been diagnosed with a chiari malformation of 6 mm. I'verebellare suffered from headaches since I was around 7 yrs old and was diagnosed after a spinal fluid leak 3 yrs ago for no reason. I've had a cine mri which shows normal csf flow but I'm in so much pain every day now. Severe headaches and pressure in the back of my head from laughing, coughing, bending over, lifting.... My vision is blurry most of the time and my hearing is impaired from this. My neurologist says I'm not a candidate for surgery since the csf flow isn't being blocked so am I supposed to live on pain meds the rest of my life?? I'd love some feedback from anyone out there with the same symptoms.
MRI states
Cerebellar tonsils with slight protrusion through foramen magnum 6 mm. Several subtle increased signal foci on flair images, subcentimeter at periventricular white matter bilaterally, particularly at frontal horns. Major vessel flow voids identified with dominant vertebral arteron right. mastoid air cells unremarkable. Minimal soft tissue thickening of paranasal sinuses. Limited cervical cord with uniform contour.

If there is anyone out there that can decipher the above for me I'd appreciate it so much !!

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