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Does anyone experience this syndrome/complaint, or have ever heard of such a thing? My 20-year-old daughter, who is very normal and healthy otherwise, her brain does not respond to pain medications or sleep medications. She has problems sleeping and has been prescribed every sleep medicine I think there is and she still cannot fall asleep, i.e. after using Ambien, Ativan, and then trazodone--all within a couple of hours of one another. Also, her brain does not respond to pain meds, i.e. she went for a colonoscopy and they could not sedate her enough, after giving her the most preop meds possible for her age and petite size, that they ended up doing it under general anesthesia; and after a recent laparoscopic appendectomy they could not get her pain under control even with using several mg of Dilaudid as well as Valium, and they admitted her for severe pain. The surgeon said her brain was perceiving pain out of control to the surgery done. So it seems like her brain perceives pain at a much higher level than what there actually is, and the brain does not "read" or process pain medications or sleep medications the way it would in another person. We are very frustrated with this situation. Her internal medicine doctor has finally referred her to a neurologist. I'm wondering if she needs a neuro-psychiatrist as I believe there is something different with her brain that she does not react normally to medications, and perceives pain way out of ordinary, although, according to her, she has a HIGH tolerance to pain. :confused: Again, otherwise, she is a perfectly healthy, normal, stable happy, beautiful person.

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