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Re: Need advice
Jul 27, 2008
hi beary! yes i spent many nights on the MS topics because Im guessing that they have some of the same symptons..makes ya wonder who else really has this and doesnt know. Oh and to the other lady, THANKS SO MUCH for all the info, im having trouble finding ANY info on the actual procedure done for this, i have read tons of things on the dx but nothing really explains what they do and all that, because i do have to prepare, i want what ever it is that will fix this and the pain that goes with was kinda funny today, as i was getting outta bed i just fell, i have to laugh to keep my stress down, i think dizzy spells and being off balance is one of the things that goes with this right? and there are specialist huh? bad thing is i have to go to a military doc, so it may be hard to find one for this issue, another thing is we are moving to our new station in las vegas nv in oct. how long after i see a neuro can i get this done? I was told its not something they usually put off and i dont wanna spend anymore time in the condition im in currently ya know. and i didnt know it was something that couldnt be really "fixed" whats the pregression of this??? thats scary..if you have any articles that i havent found, please trying to educated myself on this before my appt so i know what they are talking about..progression of this means something worse than what i feel now?? i cant imagine that! really the only issue i have found with the whole surgery thing is there is no family around, since we are military, we are away from any thats gonna be an issue =/ but the bad thing is NO meds help so i try to swim alot and that helps for a min..anyhow, im so glad you guys wrote me back i was beginning to think i was alone in this dx..but any info or article on the actual procedure or procedures( i didnt know there was more than one) would be soo wonderful.THANKS again!


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