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[QUOTE=Rita27;3674908]You say you have chronic fatigue. Are you sleeping at night? If you're not getting enough sleep, this could be the reason. Sleep deprivation can definitely cause you to lose it. Also, the Adderall might not be right for you either, unless you have ADD. I would go back to the doctor or a psychiatrist.[/QUOTE]

Yes, but it's tough going to sleep where I'm having chronic pain issues, and sometimes I wake up during the night in pain from my kidney stones. I also have arousals in my sleep and upper airway resistance, which drs told me was a mild form of sleep apnea except I hypoventilate and don't actually quit breathing. A CPAP does not phase my fatigue any whatsover. My sleep doctor even said something else had to be wrong. I think your right though, I think it is affecting me somewhat not sleeping as well as I used to. I have physically aged to be about 100. I'm like an old dog that needs to be put to sleep and put out their misery. The fatigue is so bad, I can barely function. My activity level on a scale of 1 to 10 is about 2. I can't even get myself to go to the store when I need to. I was taking Adderall the begin with for my fatigue and sleep issue and it wasn't until about a year & half ago that I got a diagnosis of ADD. I always wonder if it's just the fatigue manifesting symptoms or if it's really ADD. I guess my concentration has never been that great, but it wasn't anything extreme either. I was on 90mg of adderall but it started affecting my sleep so I went back to 30mg a day. I've had the fatigue since I was 26, it started out just like chronic fatigue syndrome, go on for weeks, then get better, then come right back. I quit smoking about 2 weeks ago, that didn't even help. I've started exercising but it's a slow process trying to make myself do it when I feel the way I do. My memory hasn't been the best since I got sick but I've been going through it for 11 years. I have never had it do such things with my memory like is going on now. I may not even think so much of it if I didn't completely daze out and not even know I was in the world & not remembering something I did when I just did it. That was just frightening. My ex said I just have DAD. Dumb Axx Disease. My kids laugh at me. They tell their friends all these stupid things I do and they are laughing at me. Everybody around me is noticing that something is wrong. I don't exactly always find it so funny. My grandfather's brain was shrinking before he died. My brother's brain is doing the same thing in a dangerous spot. He also has cerebral atrophy. Is it hereditary? I had an MRI probley 5-6 years ago to check for multiple sclerosis and it was normal. Maybe it is the fatigue. But why has it been at it's worst on the days I am up and moving around when the fatigue isn't as extreme? I've started having neurological type problems lately too, tingling shooting through my body, spasms in my forehead, TMJ joints, esophagus (to the point everything I eat was getting stuck), in my kidneys, in my urethra. My legs have been jerking but I think that might be from a strong pulse. I'm getting short of breath, feel flushed and get lightheaded and dizzy alot. I had a reaction to some antispasmotic medications & was just having esophageal problems (spasms) before that reaction but yet it's been plently long enough since I quit taking those meds that it shouldn't still be bothering me. I've also had fibromyalgia for 7 years. Yet you know when your doctor diagnoses something just because he doesn't know what else is wrong, that's it's not really a very good explanation to your problems. I do believe your right and that the majority of my memory problems could be from the fatigue, but I just think some of this is way off the edge of normal even with someone with fatigue.

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