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I am posting this in hopes of those of us who have been diagnosed with Chiari can share what our symptoms are and which ones we still have or don't have.Since many neurologists can't seem to agree on whether the symptoms are related to the Chiari or not I thought it'd be a good idea for anyone interested to share what their symptoms are so that it would give us all some light on this diagnosis. I have a 6mm herniation that was found on MRI in Dec.2006. My symptoms were1.dizziness(gone) balance(gone)3.weakness in hands,arms,legs,feet(much better now)4.bad headaches(gone)5.anxiety(only occasionally now)6.pain in legs(gone)7.tinnitus(only once in a while now)8.loss of fine touch(much better now)9.trouble walking(gone)10.cold temperatures would make me feel disabled(much better now)11.feeling "spaced-out(gone) 'n needles in hands and feet(gone)13.cold hands/feet(only occasionally now) sensitivity(gone),sore tongue(gone)16.fatigue(still have)17.nausea(occasionally)18.shakey when bending forward(still have)19.trouble swallowing(only once in a while and I noticed it's after I've had a sinus headache when I have the post nasal drip)20.feeling of fullness in head(occasionally have this)21.urge in continence(occasionally)I know this is a long list,but I'm very curiou to find out how everyone's symptoms match or don't match...what's gotten better and what hasn't.Also it seems like ALL my symptoms started when I was entering menopause.Plus I am being treated for B12 borderline deficiency(which neurologists at the university said was causing my symptoms and NOT the CHIARI).I hope some ofyou will share your symptom lists so that we can better understand this Chiari.THANK YOU ~~~~Scout;)

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