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Hey Cindy,

I didn't realize that an lp made your chiari go crazy. Same here! I went to the ER with the worst headache of my life in the back of my head. Since I had a slight fever they did an lp. I'm on the heavy side, and the dr acted like he had never seen an overweight person. After a needle breaking off in my back and some of the worst pain in my life, he got the fluid, but never bothered to check the pressure. Within a day, I was pretty much disabled. I was hospitalized for a week with this mind blowing headache, and when they couldn't think of anything else, they did a blood patch and sent me home. It was unreal that all those symptoms could appear pretty much overnight.

Here are my symptoms, most have returned now that I have this lovely cerebellar slumping.

hoarse voice
extreme headache when yelling coughing straining
pressure in head and ears
constant stiff neck/headache ~better when laying down
constant fatigue
brain fog/forgetting things
slight dyslexia (just started recently)
intolerance to cold/heat
burning tingling in feet
legs and arms are very weak
sharp jabs all over body

I'm sure there is alot more, but with my memory, those will have to do.


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