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wow we a lot alike.. i have crazy bowel and urine issues.. your going to crack up laughing, 3 weeks ago at the movie theatre i couldnt hold my diahreea and i went in my pants.. oh my goodness i ran to the bathroom to do a soap and water cleaning of all the poo.. lol.. yes i get tingling all over from head to toe.. when i think its a spider its really a nerve going through.. glad u slept 5 days, u lucky... i was a manic wreck in southshore medical.. where do i find a neuro-opthamologist? yes i see a neurologist and a opthomoligist separtely.. i also see a reproductive edocrinologist.. sadly to say i am only 24 years old.. i am sorry you have issues with walking.. i do walk and drive, but my bones are very brittle. i like to go to the gym once a month to use the weights to keep mu muscles intact.. if i dont i develop serious cartlidge loss and my knee caps start popping out.. i see a lot of ur issues are all related to ur chiari.. thats a blessing u know where its all coming from.. does this disease ever go away... i have gotten into accidents before, but never paid much attention to it and never went to the ER eaither because it was never that serious.. do u have any eye issues with ur chiari? i cant wait to get mr MRI an MRA results back.. i am dying to get them back asap pronto... do u excersise at all? i took a mri of my neck 2 years ago and they found sum curvations and not aligned properly..

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