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I am not sure what is wrong with me....I have been experiencing a great deal of "pressure" in my brain for a while now, usually right above my eyes, but it moves to different parts of my head. It is almost a wavy sensation, as it seems to move slowly to different parts of my head. It almost feels as if I am never able to get the front part of my brain (right above the eyes) to relax, that part of the brain has constant tension. I can also explain the feeling as a tingly feeling, with pains in various places some of the time. If I lay down on my backand try to relax it, it seems to get worse. When I am up and about, I feel disoriented and dizzy. I am very unconfident but have just kind of learned to "deal with it". It seems to have gotten worse lately, and I am really starting to worry that something is really wrong. I feel pretty disconnected from myself and have a hard time associating with other people.

I have an eye disease called keratoconus, and I have a lot of issues with my eyes focusing, a lot of strain on my eyes, and trouble seeing straight. My gut instinct is that my problems stem from the eye thing, as it seems to really put a lot of pressure on my brain. I am planning to see a doctor, and probably get a CT scan, because I really want to know if there is something wrong with my brain that goes a lot further than my eye problems.

Like I said, it is really hurting my confidence, and I have a lot of problems concentrating and doing anything really. Please, please give me any feedback if you can about what this could be because it's really scaring me.

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