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I am completely upset by the statement that a pineal cyst is that like a birthmark. It is true that they can be nothing but they can also be big enough or be causing mass effect on another part of your brain to the point that it becomes symptomatic. You can clearly find that information on the different websites about pineal cysts. I have many symptoms from my pineal cyst and have been struggling with this for 8 months now. I have even begun to have seizures. I can't drive anymore and I am always dizzy and get sick everytime I have to try to watch my son play football or try to read things like this on the computer or simple things like talking to another person and trying to look them in the eye when they are talking. My neurologist sent me to a neurosurgeon who did give me the runaround and tell me that my symptoms had nothing to do with my cyst but it is obvious to me by the many others who have blogs on the computer and have been through this that it is something you have to keep dealing with and finding new Dr's until one finally listens. I have been talking to the people at the Skull base institute. You might want to check out their website.

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