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[QUOTE=Devin Nore;3705496]About 2 months ago i woke up with a slightly soar neck and tingling sensations in my left arm and hand, everytime i turned my head to the left i could hear small cracking noises.. i had never injured my neck before and have been perfectly healthy in my past.. it went away 2 days later until 3 weeks afterwards, i woke up with the same symptoms, but the tingling sensations were more noticable, and progressed to my left toes being numb at times, eventually the next week the tingling had progressed to my entire body, including my face, but most consistantly in my neck. As of now i have a numb spot on the right side of my lower lip that hasn't gone away for a week, i feel alot weaker in my upper body, and my neck is really soar and stiff at times and its hard to keep my head positioned in 1 spot a small period of time, my left foot's "2nd to the left" toe has almost gone completely numb, numbness spreading slightly in my forearms that comes n goes, as well as numbness in my ears and jawline. Also been getting pretty powerfull muscle twitches throughout my entire body.

I have gone to the emerg. 4 times and had an xray of my neck that came back negative, as well as a ct scan that was also negative..

I've seen my family doctor who prescribed me paxil, and said i just have anxiety... which i know is bs..
Along with a few other walk in clinic doctors who have said i just have a pinched muscle in my neck, although i havent done anything to stress my muscles.[/QUOTE]

Hello,...I am truly sorry to hear of your trouble. I too am experiencing this oddity. I am just starting to explore the source of the numbness and tingling so if and when these doctors diagnose and treat the symptoms I will post again. I am certain it is more than an anxiety issue. I started to experience the tingling and numbness throughout my entire body (head to toes) about three weeks ago. I have had radiography testing to determine if the problem lies within my joints causing damage to nerves. Nothing has yet to be determined. I have been to the ER on a few occasions and given injections of DHE (Migraine medication) which often helps. I have a prescription for Immitrex which I now take to fend off the effects which the doctors seem to believe is another form of Migraine headaches (one that does not have the excruciating pain and light sensitivity which I have had in the past).

Unlike you, I have had neck damage and lower back troubles since I was a young woman (20's) but nothing as odd as this has ever occurred.

I pray you find resolve soon. As for myself, this "condition" is now causing me anxiety due to the fact the numbness does not leave me for more than an hour at a time. I cannot imagine being dismissed by my physicians as having nothing wrong with me more than an anxiety issue. That is just horrible for I truly understand and KNOW your trouble to be real.
Hang in there.
Sincerely, Ann

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