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Can I ask what other symptoms you had?



Sure thing no problems there is plenty so here it goes

Fatigue/extreme tiredness felt like I never slept
Couldnt sleep properly
Urinating at night around every hour
Aching in legs joints soreness
heavy lead like limbs
Tingling & numbness inn extremities
Severe pain in spine
Electric like shocks like stabbing all over my body
Sharp pains in feet toes hands
Vision problems
Pain behind eyes & around sockets
Severe dizziness
Gait problems
Positive Romberg Test
Stomach pains
Constipation and diahrreah
Speech problems couldnt find my words had to think really hard about it then I would forget
Memory problems/loss
Foggy head
Co ordination problems
Rapid heart rate
short of breath

I think that just about covers it.......Let me know if you want more info


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