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Brain & Nervous System Disorders Board Index are amazing!Listen I was thinking about this whole Chiari thing and I had a brain and c-spine MRI in 1999 and the brain MRI was normal.Up until then I never had any significant health problems.The only problem I encountered was the low B12(hidden kind).Then my 2006 MRI shows Chiari...I say "what is that?"...I hate thinking about Chiari.Every neurologist "'ve seen says 1 in every 4 persons have it...some have symptoms and some don't..hence the subject of CSF flow comes up.So Maybe the flow is restricted....but they don't know if that causes the symptoms either.....something is Not right,because neurologists cannot seem to agree or disagree on the whole aspect of Chiari.I only know a few people (not the people here on the boards)that have Chiari and one of them had the decompression surgery and she is very messed up from it!She hs to take several drugs just to deal with the pain and it's been several years since her surgery.So I feel that for me I will never,ever,ever let a dr. cut my head open and mess me up like that.

What I wanted to say is that I truly think you have a lot of knowledge about so many health issues.When I read how you said a "bacterial infection" can cause Chiari you are Absolutely Right ...I read that a while ago when I was researching Chiari and it said it could be from an infection And it can be Reversed!To me it seems it coyld be like an inflammation type of thing,you know?What kind of tests could a dr. do to see if there's a bacterial infection going on somewhere in your body that could cause your cerebellum to swell a bit?Please any suggestions I would really appreciate.

You are so valuable here I just can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your knowldge with us here on these boards.

I am seeing my GP on the 23rd this week......I am making a list for him of what tests I want(and I plan to get them or he's history!).I want a urinalysis too(I don't have any symptoms,but I took a UTI home test and it showd positive for nitrates and negative for proteins?).Also do you know if it's anything to have a high amount of protein in the urine?Sorry to ask so many ???? but I value your opinions...from the way you post I get a deep feeling that you are not here by chance,but for a very special reason...some may call it fate you know?

Thanks for being are an angel!

Scout ~

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