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[QUOTE=ShadowManST3;3712941]feeling groggy all the time what should i do feel pressure in my head and my sight is kind of blured sometimes it almost feels like i am not here or something it just feels weird[/QUOTE]

Hi There
Oh I can relate to the sound of that.......I have been diagnosed after 5 years of feeling fatigued,foggy head,blurring vision, numbness & tingling,GI problems oh the list goes on Ihave a B12 deficiency probably due to a problem with gluten I ahve lifelong B12 therapy & Inow feel wonderful I can think again and I feel present not spaced out any more the numbness will take longer to repair.
Please get this tested these tests are vital B12 serum,,uMMA,,,,homocysteine if they say your serum is normal the other 2 will be raised with a deficiency your B12 should never be below 550 according to Japanese experts in the US & AUS the normal is above 180 mine had been normal when I was experiencing symptoms it ended up at 130 in the end I could not stand up with my eyes closed romberg test, memory lost could not talk properly, anxiety attacks ect it was horrible....
If you want more info let me know happy to help

Good luck

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