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the hypothalamus in the brain and the spinothalamic tract within the spinal cord are what really govern body temps. i lost my ability to actually sweat at all on my right side from spinal cord damage,this of course was the tract damage. i also cannot feel the difference between hot and cold on that side either,yet i retained evenlight sensitivity to touch there and can feel everything else but hot or cold there,with the exception of pain coming from the outside in? very insane let me tell ya.

is there a particular reason you are looking at the brain for this diagnosis or are you just assuming it would be a brain issue? like the above poster mentioned,there can be many different reasons for what you have described with symptoms. its a matter of testing certain things and ruling them out. it can take awhile,but this would really be the only way to truely Dx the reason for his reactions to heat. has he seen his primary for a full physical which would also include some bloodwork? that would tbe the best starting point in looking for the reasons/Dx. please keep us posted on anything you find out. Marcia

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