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[QUOTE=aether4;3719130]With all those infections it's possible that there was some damage to part of his nervous system. The good news is, if that is the case, many go on to recover later - or in the case of teens, grow out of it.

Look up neurocardiogenic syncope/ neurally mediated hypotension. One doesn't need to faint to have this. Also look up orthostatic intolerance and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome -POTS (if his heart rate increases during these episodes). These all fall under the category of dysautonomia.
Dysautonomia also includes problems with the GI system.

I have NCS/NMH. I don't faint 99.9% of the time, but I can. If forced to stand up too long without my medication I get very lightheaded, dizzy, ringing in my ears, will feel overly hot and sweat, get shaky, confused, and even stutter and stumble. My heart can get up to 165bpm with blood falling around 70s/40s-50s. It's no fun and the only fix at that point is to lay down and return good blood flow to my brain. It's not deadly, but it sure is a pain in the butt. I also have low to very low blood pressure all the time.

Does he ever fall or have to hurriedly sit back down after getting up too quickly?[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply he does get really unsteady like he going to pass out and he cannot walk. I know of at least once when he was feeling like this when we took him to the ER his heart rate was 175 but I guess it didnt concern the Drs. they just sent us home. I am worried about his weight loss he is not active at all he is so tired all the time. But he also has not been eating as well as he used to. So that could be why. I just think a growing teen would be hungery and gain consistently. He used to eat really good always asking what was for lunch right after he ate breakfast but now its hard to get him to eat only once or twice a day and not alot.

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