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[QUOTE=vicdem2000;3718196]My son who is fifteen has been suffering with headaches, dizziness, lightheadness and sweating. I also take his blood pressure when he is having these episodes and it is always low like 90/40 it doesnt stay that low for long but always is low when he feels lightheaded. He sometimes says his chest hurts. I have taken him to pediatrican who ran blood tests and they came out ok. He has had cat scan of brain and is ok. He also gets very sick. He has had a parasite, strep, viral enteritis, broncitis, all in a span of nine months. I dont know what else or what other specialist I should see. He also has stomach pains, nausea and sometimes vomiting, weight loss and loss of appetite. Any help the doctors are baffeled. If you have any suggestions please let me know.[/QUOTE]

Hi there
You may want to consider having is B12 levels checked I know you said you had bloods this may not have been done it is vital to get this checked out and then ask the doc what the level is if they say normal ask for the level in numbers it should never be below 550 in US & AUS normal is between 180-700 in Japan it is between 550 -1200.........
I am only suggesting this is I have just been diagnosed with B12 defiency I have been ill for 5 years no one knew what was wrong my B12 levels where declining from 372 down all normal they said until it reached a critcal level of 130...........You can search for this on the net but here are my symptoms
numbness,tingling esp extremities,gastro problems constipation diahrrea,chest pain,breathlessness, rapid heart rate, wekness in limbs, fatigue extreme tiredness, memory loss,depression,loss of appetite , I had every test in the book and was just given pain killers useless...sent away from Er countless times...what a ride
Finally making improvement slowly with B12 injections........
Please NOTE when you ask for the test make sure you request B12 serum,MMA, Homocysteine, as the last 2 will be elevated even if the serum says NORMAL this is a sure sign of a deficiency high homocystein levles cause heart problems......The great news this condition can be treated but needs attention....... I can give more info if you like please be sure to let us know how he goes......You nmay also like to have him tested for celiac

Blessings to you both good luck

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