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while i cannot explain this whole MRI i can give you what i know here. my concern is what they explain that you wrote about at the end of your post about the vessels? this just may be the way your vessels are in that area and nothing to worry about or it could indicate something a bit more,just the way it is described. when something is ectastic,it means dilated,and tortuous means it is twisted? but it also states there is no mass effect seen either so thats kind of a good thing. but this is in the or what makes up the vertebral artery so your doc(who are you seeing right now,what type of specialist?) may want you to just have an angiogram to see what this particular vessel really "looks' like when its lit up with contrast from the angio. this would give the best clearest pic of any arteries anywhere actually. just that dilation could possibly,and i am just saying possibly here,be the very early indicator of a possible future aneurysm. but this sounds like the whole artery so it could just be the way 'your" artery was formed too ya know? it could also be some congenital(meaning you were simply born with this this way?) type of a vascular malformation of some kind as well. that vertebral artery just needs to be better looked into for certain just to see exactly what is there. it was strange enough to be noted by the rad who read your films so it should just be further investigated by your doc. seeing the actual films like your doc will can make a very big difference in what i am telling you is just a possible and what he or she thinks upon actually seeing that artery,you know hat i mean?

you also have some fluid in your mastoid process? it sounds like it could be a possible infection there just the way they explain it(mastoiditis?). everything else i really don;t know much about other than these little things do tend to show up on some peoples films. they are kind of common with some meaning something more than others. sorry i could not help with those.

are you currently seeing any kind of specialist like an ENT or something? please keep me posted on just what you get told about your findings. i am curious too since my mom also has those white spots on her brain and her doc has not actually explained them to her either. hopefully that vertebral artery finding is just the way yours 'is" and not an indication of some type of vascular malformation(i personally have had two totally different vasc malformations in me) going on. just please let me know what your doc says,K? good luck to you,Marcia

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