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make certain that the MRI your doc ordered is WITH a contrast agent. this just will highlight certain areas much better within the brain that can at times be somewhat "hidden" depending upon angles used during the MRI? certain vessels or anything that may be there in them,like aneurysm or some other vascular issue can just kind of be "lost' in all that soft tissue in there. i had a brain aneurysm that did not show up on MRI but i could not use the contrast either becasue of having kidney disease. but mine was right in the bend of an artery so it would only show up at certain angles and with a contrasting image or upon MRA or angiogram.

is what you have been feeling an actual "burning' or more like a heat flush in your head? there is a difference. i had actual heat "flushes" with my aneurysm with absolutely no real head pain at all,just the heat flushes mostly were my biggest symptom. had some days with feeling kind of 'off' inside my head but that was my 'list' of symptoms with my aneurysm. i am in no way saying that this is what you actually have going on inside your brain,just one of many different possibilities that could be casung your types of symptoms,thats all.

just what were you actually "exposed' to? did it actualy do anything like permanent damage to a specific area or were you given a clean bill after that? if something "different'(than the norm) is going on within your brain,it would generally show itelf in some types of real changes in the tissue. i would think given what actually causes inflammation that if this were the case,it would show itself in some way too,ya know? just speak with your ordering doc and make certain that they do a set of flms with the contrast. it does help. please keep me posted as to what you find out,K? good luck,Marcia

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