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I am a 24 year old man who is diagnosed with Autism as a child. I have a perfect clear bill of health until late summer of 2005 when I first experienced with head fullness. The head fullness later escalated into a major panic attack and I was taken to the local hospital to be checked out. While I was at the local hospital, I was given a CAT scan as well as a chest X-Ray and the doctors there found nothing. A day later, I went to my primary doctor and she gave me an anti-depressant Klonopin to lessen my anxiety attacks symptoms. After months of being on the drug, she switched me to Ativan, which I took until I weaned off from the drug in March of last year.

Since I was taken off Ativan, I experience variety of neurological symptoms that regularly disrupted my daily routine. One common symptom I am suffering from is head tingling; sometimes the left part of the head tingles, which can lead to "dry eyes" on either eye. As my head tingles, I get weaker when I stand up and/or walk because of fear that I might pass out. It also can trigger a "panic attack" feeling inside my chest, but would not escalate to another major attack. After couple of days, all of the symptoms disappear, however, they return thereafter.

Throughout 2006, I went through battery of tests; MRI, EEGs, blood tests, all tested negative. That fall, I was taken to a big city university hospital for a two-day visual EEG test and there was no signs of hidden seizures that may have contributed to the symptoms I was having.

So, I need to know is there a special type of testing or treatment that I can find for the symptoms I am having?

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