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My daughter also has pseudotumor cerebri and we were told that it does go away in a few years. Her symptoms were blurred/worsening vision deteriorating at a very fast rate and painful headaches that nothing would relieve. At a routine eye exam the doc found that her optic nerves were enlarged and we had to take her to a neurologist. They too felt that she had this but had to confirm it with a spinal tap. They put her on Diamox for excess fluids and it has worked well. As far as we know she still has it but she hasn't been checked since April. At the last visit it the swelling was down tremendously. Her vision has improved slightly as well. It has to be treated or it can lead to permenant blindness according to our doctors and many sites. Some people have to have a shunt put in their lumbar spine to drain the excess fluids weekly. They gave her a migraine medicine that does nothing and Tylenol 3 for the severe headaches. She doesn't get them as often now, perhaps 4 or 5 times a month. Do some research, read many different ones as some of them will just scare you. Listen to the doctors orders and if they put you on a diaretic, take it as you should. My daughter was bad about taking the 2nd one in the afternoon. Get checked often. We started with every 3 months, then 6 months etc. Good luck!!

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