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increased headache/PAIN ,which includes chest pain, left arm pain,Feeling that am going to pass out/don't usually loose consiousness left tongue and throat pain, left lip raises and right sided facial and mouth droop.Sometimes...the more severe ones include severe jerking of limbs.Very blurry brained... difficulty thinking...head swimming on the inside . dizzy and my balance is not good at times

.Loss of strength one sided. Have had one sided uncontrollable shaking .Have had diagnoses of many tia's , stroke and seizure.some Difficulty with memory at times . I don't think I have a seizure disorder...even though I've been put on antiseizure meds . I'm still having problems...and I seem to have a lack of breathing/oxygen before these episodes . Could'nt be all the tia's and stroke...I would be dead by now . Am 58 yr's old / female ?

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