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Re: DX with chiari
Sep 30, 2008
Hey Cindy,

I hate that i have this symptom with my throat.I think i could deal with headaches a whole lot better.ONly because i have always had headaches fo as long as i can remember.THis throat problem,just happend after a awful sinus infection & it turned into this.The thing is not only does it feel like something is stuck in my throat,it burns & throbs so bad.I mean all year long i was Dx with acid relflux & thinking i was going to have cancer.After all theses tests done & one Dr to the next & now i'm in waiting.I also,feel so weak & dizzy.For the past 2 nights,i feel like my legs are giving out on me/ along with my back in pain.Can all this be related? I just cant believe how bad this can make you feel.I was suppose to go see Dr.Rosner this Thursday & i had to CX cause noone would go with me.Its 5 hours from me.Do you think if i have to have surgery that all of this will go away & how do they determine rather or not you do need it.I would think your quality of life.I'm just worried all of this is going to get worse for me.My kids dont understand & my husband dont get it.My kids are small,so they want me to play & i just dont have any energy...

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