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Re: DX with chiari
Oct 22, 2008
hey there Scout,
you know i too have had many trips to the ER for my chest pains.Its not in the middle of my chest.IT feels like its right in my heart.A stabbing pain.For the past year the Drs have told me that i have acid reflux.So i have taken everything to think that would help with my throat problems & then nothing helped.Then i thought theres no way acid reflux is causing all these problems.I've been scoped 3 times this year down my throat.My main problem is the feeling of something stuck in my thraot.Almost,like bone & my throat hurts.It just doesnt make any sense to me.Somethings i can deal with,but my throat in pain everyday & no Dr can help.I went to my neurologist yesterday & he showed me my MRI again & said he was 100% pretty sure i dont have chiari.He explained it to me & said that the cerebellum wasnt pressing down & theres no way i could have it.I'm so confused to have 1 Dr tell me i do & now i have had 3 tell me i dont,but yet i feel so bad.So he order some blood work & a nerve testing?? not sure what that is.I have to go to that next week.I mean what else could be causing all these problems. Esp with my throat?

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