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Re: DX with chiari
Oct 3, 2008
hey there Cindy,
Today has been ok,i'm still having that bad back pain along with the sharp pain when i breath.So,i thought well i'll make a trip to ER.Then again,they will proably dismiss me again.i'm wondering if my shortness of breath is anxiety related.GOD,i hope i dont have a lung problem too.I've never smoked in my LIfe.Funny,though these days it doesnt matter. People do bad things to their bodies & it seems like they are the ones living just fine....I want to have all my facts right when i go to the Dr on Wednesday.I want him to know that i do have some knowledge of it now.Well,i gotta say you have answered alot of those questions for me.I just want to leave with some relief that its going to be ok.Just in time.I think if i were told that things will get better,i would have a better time with dealing with this.ITs the not knowing thats killing me.I mean when you have been so sick & hurting fo so long.Theres a point when you want to give up & think theres no light at the end.I have Faith.I think its being tested big time.I hope you were able to get some rest today & her head is feeling better.Oh yeah,when you had the surgerys you were asleep right.What i mean is i talked to a nurse today who works in the intensive care after the pts get out of surgery & said they are really sick afterwards for like weeks.Thats scary to think about.I think i would feel better if it would make these awful pressure feeling go way in my throat!!!
Re: DX with chiari
Oct 7, 2008
Thanks Cindy......yes it is all about aknowledgement. This is sad but one time a new doctor said to me "there is nothing wrong with you". Never saw him again !! I did go to a Headache Institute.........after 3 days I walked. This is no lie they gave me 20 different meds per day and by the third day you couldnt even see a space between my fingers.......they were so swelled. I have had some wonderful doctors too. All the drama started in 1984 it was considered a Workmens Comp case and alot of doctors dont want to get involved. I had 3 doctors that disabled me .
I guess my chief complaint is the headache with pressure pain to back of my head. My neck is middle to left side pain. It will get out of control and quickly blood pressure creeps in up to 200/100. Pain behind my eyes.....yes vertigo is the worst had tons of test for answers for that either. One I went into the dining room then turned to go back to the living room ............everything went black and I couldnt see finally when I could the room spinned so fast I went down. My brother called a ambulance he is a EMT and ER just said vertigo. I have Sympathic Pain in arm also had surgery to cut pain nerve,hoarsness...........just about pain everywhere. Also RSD in arm which I dont believe.I also went to a pain clinic,nerve blocks and that just made it worse.
I refuse to quit looking I am on a journey now. Luckie for me right now I am going to a ortho doc that does want me to have a neck I will ask for the spinal fluid test along with it. I just hope I can read all the test...........maybe my brother will help and since he is in the medical profession he knows of someone
I am also having a Endo with ultra sound they found a small mass on my pancreatis......and I dont even drink. He said he doesnt think it is cancer but wants to be sure.........and check everything else out. I have that done Oct .
Back to Chairi maybe I dont have that but I believe there is something going on in the brain and neck area. It is pitiful when we have to try and read our own MRI'S AND CAT test. We have to do what we have TO.
How are you doing these days did you have the other surgeries done? If I remember right the last post was 2007. Do you still talk to Lisa.........I read all the girls have been thru alot and great support for each other.
Dr.Oz is on Oprah we should email him and suggest he does a show on Chiari.......take care wish me luck on my new journey.

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