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[QUOTE=scout316;3749955]hey Adian! this is a longgggg thread!could you update me on your symptoms?[/QUOTE]

Sure, yeah it is a long thread. The main symptom that has been consistently a problem is the "dizziness". Not vertigo, just a feeling of being off balance, accompanied frequently by a light and non-painful feeling of pressure on various parts of my head. Almost like being drunk in some ways, it makes me feel less coordinated, difficult to concentrate.

Other variable and less annoying symptoms are:
-numbness/tingling in hands/feet/legs/arms (pins and needles)
-weakness/shakiness in legs/arms
-twitching in right hand

I can also say without much doubt that sitting in front of a computer or TV screen over long stretches (such as a full work week) makes the dizziness worse. As does driving, and drinking alcohol. Whereas staying away from it brings an improvement. But I doubt very much that this is the cause of the issue, most likely it just aggravates it.

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