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[QUOTE=scout316;3749955]hey Adian! this is a longgggg thread!could you update me on your symptoms?[/QUOTE]

Sure, yeah it is a long thread. The main symptom that has been consistently a problem is the "dizziness". Not vertigo, just a feeling of being off balance, accompanied frequently by a light and non-painful feeling of pressure on various parts of my head. Almost like being drunk in some ways, it makes me feel less coordinated, difficult to concentrate.

Other variable and less annoying symptoms are:
-numbness/tingling in hands/feet/legs/arms (pins and needles)
-weakness/shakiness in legs/arms
-twitching in right hand

I can also say without much doubt that sitting in front of a computer or TV screen over long stretches (such as a full work week) makes the dizziness worse. As does driving, and drinking alcohol. Whereas staying away from it brings an improvement. But I doubt very much that this is the cause of the issue, most likely it just aggravates it.
Hi Adrian! The pins'needles feeling is a classice B12 symptom along with the off-balance,dizziness,weakness.Other symptoms are confusion,cold hands/feet,sometimes a glossy red sore tongue,but some people will have a very pale tongue/gums.Shortness of breath(like you're having asthma) especially after doing tasks...sometimes numbness in arms or legs.less of an appetite....I had a real sensitivity to cold temperatures too and my fine touch was compromised(couldn't hold change in my hands without feeling like it weighed a ton,also some materials,etc. felt "funny" to the touch.

I have experienced that pressure feeling in my head,but I'm not sure that's due to the low B12.

You've probably heard that low B12 mimics MS....and that it does!My first doctor was Sure I had MS!

I had stomach problems,but not too severe.When your B12 is low your acid in your body goes up,because B12 neutralizes the acid.Even if you have a "normal" B12 level you could still be Canada your labs are probably different in the way they measure in the United States they say normal is 200-1100...mine was 222 and they found I had a hidden B12 deficiency,because under 400 points to a problem and many people start getting symptoms.I had every symptom and my doctor said he couldn't find anything besides a low white count and borderline low platelets.

Do you have any idea what your B12 level is?If you get a B12 test ask your dr. to do the other tests along with homocystein,folic acid and methylmalonic acid.

Any other questions please ask!

Nice to meet you!


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