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Hi Gopackgo~

You have been on my mind. We hadn't heard from you since you left for the ER so I figured you were having a hard time. I'm glad your home but really sorry your not feeling better:(

The blood patch didn't do the trick for you, huh? I know only too well what you are going through. When I read your post it was like dejavu. For me, the pain has never left me and still today, I suffer. I am hoping for you that something else has caused this, the change in pressure, and in time, your pain will lessen. For me, this was the cause of my chiari diagnosis. It was described to me, in my case, that when they do the LP, its like a cork in a bottle affect. When the pressure in the CFS is lowered, it pulls the brain further down.

What does the Dr say at this point? Does he offer a reason why the pain hasn't subsided? I know they can repeat the blood patch because sometimes it doesn't take. I know you don't even want to think about that.

Well, tomorrow is a day for answers!! I am wishing you good news;)

Please let us know how you make out

Hang in there


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