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so i was just sitting here feeding my baby and watching tv and all of the sudden i feel this popping of something in the back of my head and then it gets all warm and i get this headache in my temple area. i dont know what it is but it scared me sooo much. it caused me to have a panic attack and i havnt had one in a long time. i need to know if this is serious or not. im really scared can anyone help please?
Hi...well that certainly would be a scary thing to experience!Best thing is to see a dr. about it...don't wait too long to get a drs. opinion...especially since you have a baby to take care of.Don't panic...mabe it was nothing serious,but still get it checked out.

Post back anytime....sorry I couldn't offer any other advice.

i agree,this does at the very least need to be evaluated. obtaining an MRI with contrast would not be a bad idea either,or at the very least a contrasted CT. i would see your doc and mention to him or her just what this felt like and how freaked out you are over it,if nothing else,just to give you peace of mind,they should send you for some level of scan or other diagnostic type of testing to just see what this possibly was that you felt.

i am not trying to freak you out here or anything but one of the biggest symptoms i had when i didn;t know i had a brain aneurysm was the feeling of heat "flushes" that would start at the top of my head and go down into my c spine and just go away. just having a simple contrasted MRI would show in most cases,if anything did actually occur that day or not. some issues that can occur within the brain may not give any symptoms at all or very small ones. not always headaches or dizzyness or any number of things that a person would "expect" with brain issues. this just needs deeper evaluation,thats all. hopefully it was just some insane sensation that occured and nothing more,but you really do need to know if it was indeed a 'something' that may need further treatment or monitoring. just something i would do in your situation. good luck and please keep us posted, marcia

just how long ago did you actually give birth? how long did you actually have to push? how were your BPs during the PG and during labor?
I have had something like this happen to me, i'm really concerned, for about a year or so now. The best way i can describe it as the noise of a shorted out wire. it doesn't hurt, but to me it sounds very loud. that mostly happens at night when i'm trying to go to sleep. it runs in the back of my head, from ear to ear. then down to the nape of my neck. it makes a real loud "zing" sound. sometimes, it's louder than others. also i keep a headache and have for several years. Now, lately, i have pains "on my head",
at least that's what it feels like. like someone taking a pencil, or small dowel, and pushing pretty hard. almost feels like it bruised, then in 15 or so minutes, it goes away. it's scary and i don't have any insurance, and really don't know who to turn to? what should i do? i know the noise is internal, and no one else can hear it, but it sounds extremely loud to me.
that sounds sorry..i dont have any insurance either and im still trying to pay back all the hospittal bills for the baby so im scared. i have a doc apointment on the 19th but its just a family doctor and i dunno what he is going to tell me. plus since that happened it seems like it has gotten worse. now it is just my right side of my head and it feels tingly most of the time and im always feeling tired. im scared cuz i dont want anything bad to happen when im with the baby. does anyone think it is realy bad. i go to the doctor in 2 weeks but is that too far away? should i go sooner? anyone have any suggestions?
Although it could be many, many different things, you might want to look at your diet....I say this because you're a new mom, and pregnancy is very demanding on the body.

Are you eating lots of fruits and veggies? Drinking enough liquids? If not, a change is needed. A deficiency in some electrolytes may cause some of the symptoms you are experiencing and in the next two weeks you can see if a better diet helps.

But do discuss this with your doctor as the "fix" may not be that easy.

just wondering if you had a regular vaginal delivery or a c section? if you had the vag,how long did you have to push? how long ago was your baby born? childbirth itself is very very demanding on our bodies in many different ways,and beth is right,you really do need to be making certain that you are doing all the right things for yourself right now to be in the best possible shape for yourself and the new baby.

so you said the symptoms are getting worse than they started with? whats going on exactly? this really does need to be reported to your doc when you see him or her. there are just some things that can occur post child birth that need to be checked out given your symptoms. if YOU don't feel comfortable in waiting that long to see your doc,i would simply call and get that appt moved up,and make certain to tell them when you call just what has been going on with your head symptoms. this just really needs to be evaluated by your doc. good luck hon,and congrats on the new baby. please keep us posted as to what you find out. marcia

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