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I have had something like this happen to me, i'm really concerned, for about a year or so now. The best way i can describe it as the noise of a shorted out wire. it doesn't hurt, but to me it sounds very loud. that mostly happens at night when i'm trying to go to sleep. it runs in the back of my head, from ear to ear. then down to the nape of my neck. it makes a real loud "zing" sound. sometimes, it's louder than others. also i keep a headache and have for several years. Now, lately, i have pains "on my head",
at least that's what it feels like. like someone taking a pencil, or small dowel, and pushing pretty hard. almost feels like it bruised, then in 15 or so minutes, it goes away. it's scary and i don't have any insurance, and really don't know who to turn to? what should i do? i know the noise is internal, and no one else can hear it, but it sounds extremely loud to me.

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