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hi kristy:)

your symptoms sound like they could be simple sensory that case an EEG test would show any abnormal brain wave pattern.

when I was 19 I fell off a plastic kids swing that was attached to our backyard tree.I hit the back of my head full force on some very huge tree roots.from then on I had a loud ringing noise in my ears,feelings like I was in a elevator going down really fast and certain noises would make me feel like I was going to have a seizure.

a few months later I had an EEG test and it showed my brain waves were going too I was put on dilantin and valium for 3 months to correct it.

now any metabollic changes have an impact on me.I get simple sensory seizures off and neurologist called it a "sensory disturbance",but I also have a complicated B12 deficiency which I get B12 injections for.

well if possible a good place to start would be having an EEG,B12 level test plus there are 3 other tests crucial to getting a correct B12 dx...MMA,folic acid and homocysteine tests.

sorry you are having to feel so bad,but there's always hope.please post back anytime~take care;)

Hi Kristi,
Just curious, how long ago did you receive your flu vaccination and along with your dizziness, do you have any neck pain, ear fullness/plugged, ringing in your ears, eye pain, jaw pain? I too have had experiences in my life that may have contributed to my Atlast being thrown out of alignment .. I've unfortunately been in a car accident, approximately 10 years ago which sandwiched me in between two vehicles, I have also taken some falls as well, in addition, last year approximately 3 weeks before I started noticing these symptoms, I had my flu shot. I have also experienced the very same problem with being in crowds, watching tv and extreme anxiety from all of it.

What I can tell you is what I've learned from more than one chiropractor that I visited over the past year, is that the reason people experience the dizziness and neurological problems when an Atlas is off is because there are 2 main nerves that branch out of the Atlas that send nerve impulses to the brain, and when your Atlas if off, it can cause your entire nervous system to be altered, therefore causing all these crazy symptoms anywhere throughout your body. And whether it be accident related or from another cause, in cases where if applies to the Atlas, it can take several years to cause problems .. because I'm told that the last thing that appears when a person is out of alignment or has a chronic problem is the SYMPTOMS itself .. and surprisingly if treated promptly and correctly, the symptoms are the FIRST thing to go away .. that's why I urge anyone out there who has suffered with unexplained dizziness, Headaches, Neck Pain, etc., to seek this avenue ... you honestly have so much to gain. Also, during some research along the way, I was able to view an online video on the Montel Williams show that showed him having this procedure done himself and just how quickly he gained relief from his problems, it's worth checking out ... I have so much more information on this, but I just don't want to overwhelm you with all of it right now .. let me know if I can be of any additional help, because I know how frustrating and debilitating it all can be. Hang in there, I'm here for you ... Take care.

[QUOTE=kristi6190;3801613]ok when i was like 11 i fell. i slipped on some water in the grass...instantly stunned me. i didnt pass out or anything. i just freaked out and went home to lay in my bed. ever since then(i am now 21)it has come and gone. when i was younger big crowds would trigger it, and now i just have it constantly. i havent felt this way in almost a year. the pressure in my head is so intense..and i have a headache like a migrane, very sensitive to light and sound. alot of times a loud noise may trigger it to happen, it sends me into a i'm dreaming, ya know? but i'm right there. ok you know how you'll wake up from a dream and think 'wow that dream was so real' thats how it feels. i don't know. it so hard to explain what going on in my head. oh and yes i did just get a vacination, a flu shot which i think is making me very nauseaous. i just got off the birth control pill a week ago b/c my hubby and i want to have another baby, but now i'm thinking twice just b/c the way i feel. i don't know if getting off the pill after a year and a half would have strong side effects? i'm also on an anti-anxiety. i take one at night to help me sleep, its a low dose like 25mg. i'mprescribed to anti-depressant but i don't take that so can't be what it is...i don't know i feel like i can't afford to get an mri or anything like that. we have good insurance but right now we're waiting on a bill for the ER and an ambulance ride($$$)so thats why i dont want to go to a nurologist. i just keep waiting for the way i feel to go away. it usually does. having this dizziness gives me anxiety, like i don't want to go places anymore(big crowds) and i'm a stay at home mom so i find myself just on the couch watching tv alot of the day b/c i don't want to get out. you think too much tv could make me dizzy? like give tunnel vision or something? i don't know. well now that you know more about me what do u think? what could be wrong with me?[/QUOTE]
I myslef been suffering from ear/head pressure for the last 2.5 years with no cure. I have tried everything I can possibly do to make it feel better. Used ear drops, ear cleaners, went to the chiropractic, acupuncture for 1 year no change.

My symptoms are constant (non stopping) head pressure, like when you get dehydrated yet I do incorporate lots of fluids, water, green tea in my diet) nose tingling, jaw pressure (so much that I grind my teeth at night and resulted in a loose tooth) popping/clogged ears that feel like they pulsate time to time. When I stand up I feel a big pressure come on to me. Blurred thoughts, vision, balance problems and previous vertigo was experienced in my case which resulted in panic attacks = disorder. Thank God the panic stuff has cleared but my head did not. Every time when I wake up it is there, seemed to get worse when I lay down to sleep. Ringing in head & worse pressure. No pain just pressure. Rarely but I do get headaches from time to time and more alarming when it is a throbbing or sharp pain above my ear reaching the top of my head.

I do not have insurance to see a neurologist, because I feel that they would send me away and take my money and nothing would change. I am a believer in natural medicine, take vitamins and supplements so I try to keep away from prescription drugs & surgeries.

The thread "Head & Ear Pressure" that I read before seem to have lots of information relating to this but nobody found a cure even after seeing a neurologist, if yes please share it with me I would love to hear from you!!! Some people swore by a chiropractor but it did not work for me after a year of treatment and lost of money. Acupuncture? Tried it before no results. I do exercise and eat healthy most of the time, I am a little over weight but nothing major.

I have become desperate for help because this has been going on for years in my head and I donít want to live the rest of my life with this head pressure. I am only 25 with wasting 2.5 years with this.

This is what some people thought my symptoms could be associated with you might want to google for some results:

1. TMJ
2.Psuedotumor Cerebri
3.Lyme Disease
4. Mercury Poisoning
Hi~ I just would like to put in my input. I was in search of a dx for almost 2 years and my symptoms were similiar. I finally was diagnosed with a brain disorder called Arnold Chiari Malformation. This can also be related to Psuedotumor Cerebri. Lots of pressure in my head and ears amongst a long list of other neurological issues as well. Although they call this a "rare" disorder, it is more common than we think. Good luck!!~ Cindy

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