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Sorry, I didn't see your other thread, but will look at it. Can you answer
a couple quick questions for me? When did these symptoms first start for
you? Did you by any chance have a flu shot last year? Just curious.
Anyway, yes, my head pressure is located mainly in the back of my head near
the occiptal bone, behind my ears on both sides, sometimes worse on one side
than the other. I also have ongoing symptoms of terrible neck pain and
stiffness, headache, jaw pain. I too experienced problems worsening when
eating. As well as when I did exercise it did help my symptoms for a short
time. As I said, after seeing many many specialists, I stumbled upon this
possibility of this being connected to a misaligned atlas. I have had
several non-painful treatments to put my atlas back in alignment and have
seen great improvement in my condition. These treatments are not very
costly and do not require you to have them done 3 times a week, like some
standard chiropractors .. so I definitely would encourage you to atleast try
seeing one of these doctors. Many of them often will see you for a free
consultation and can identify right off if they think this might be part of
your problem. With regard to your reaction to alcohol, without having read
your whole thread, I can say from my own similiar experience with strange
reactions to meds since this all happened, that it does relate to the

I wish you all the luck. If I can help you further in any way, I'd be more
than happy.

~ Debby

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