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[QUOTE=33george;3775435]I seem to have some of those same things going on in my body. I had a MRI done of my neck where doc found some nerves being pinched. I asked him if it could cause headaches and he said yes. But, the headaches seem to go up from the neck to the side and top of my head. Often times it feels like someone is pulling my hair on top or a burning pain. Does this sound familiar?[/QUOTE]

I don't describe this "radiating from neck to head" as a headache. It's a feeling of pressure. It all started with pressure in my head, during a period of extreme stress and panic attacks.

As time passed, the pressure started moving around, it goes into my neck (usually top left side--there's a knot there) and I also feel things pressing/pulling in my digestive system. Interestingly, sometimes I feel all the pressure "linked."

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