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hello again.....sorry you aren't able to have tests due to lack of health coverage.

You have a lot of symptoms going on that's for sure.Sometimes problems with the back can cause stomach/bowel issues.It seems like your whole body is symptomatic at this point.

Do you qualify for any free medical help?I would think that when you had that blood work-up your dr. would have listened to your complaints and given you an idea of what may be wrong.Did he feel it was just anxiety?

So what about the long term use of Paxil...maybe it's having an effect on your body?You might have become too used to it and need to have it switched to a different med...I don't know,but maybe you could call your dr. and ask if that's possible...or look it up online.

Take care and don't worry...worry doesn't help just drains you.Maybe you could get a different anti-depressant...lots of people become immune to a drug after a certain amount of time..maybe that's so in your case.

Hope you find some relief....try not to worry too back anytime...we're here for everyone~Scout

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