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[QUOTE=scout316;4652987]hi benit

do you ever feel dizzy when you sit up after lying down?sometimes I do and I'll see stars so to speak.this can be low BP,low blood sugar and/or dehydration. yes drinking a lot of water can deplete the salt content,but it can also dehydrate you.think you might be a bit caffeine do you mean you drink a lot of coffee or soda too?


Sometimes--but not always--I get strange sensations after sitting up when lying down a while, and the same goes for standing up when sitting a while. It doesn't always happen. It's most likely to happen if I stand up too quickly. Sometimes it can be a lightheaded sensation (my vision will get fuzzy), which freaks me out, but it goes away instantly when I bend down a little. Once in a while, I will also get reddish vision for a couple minutes, I've heard this is from low BP.

I don't see how water can dehydrate you, that's just something that seems illogical to me. I'm an 8+ glasses of water per day person.

I drink three cups of coffee per day.

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