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Hi Bill

That anxiety can be a terrible thing to live with cant it

I am happy to say mine is getting better

Sorry to hear you are not feeling that great may I ask a couple of questions if thats ok?

Firstly do you have any tingling you mentuion numbness is this in the extremities or any where also d oyou get electric like pains any where but in the sides of the torso specifically?

Does just one eye hurt to move? I would suggest seeing someone about this as it is your eyes if you know what I mean.....

Do you any stomach issues, foggy thinking, fatigue/

You mentioned you had bloods done can you tell me if you had any of the following B12, MMA,Hyc if you have do you know the levels.....

Some of your symptoms sound like a B12 deficiency I have this and it can cuase numbness, tingling extremeties, anxiety,depression,vision problems, memory problems gait problems anything to do with the CNS..... I could have wrote a book about mine!

You mention postural problems can you elaborate....

I look forward to your next post hopefully you will get to the heart of the problem.....

Anxiety can cause a lot of problems even when your not having an attack but illnesses can cause anxiety too its just finding out which one actually comes first I know my deficiency has caused my anxiety for many years its a tricky one....

Good luck Bill
Hello Bill...well first off I don't want to add to your I'll keep it simple;)I agree with RainbowsEnd(Hi RainbowsEnd!)B12 can play a huge role in your central nervous system(low levels of B12 can cause Severe Anxiety).

It is probably hard to have been thru a drug addiction and Thank You for being upfront about that!You seem like a strong person and you just need some answers about wht's going on...not knowing just makes it less tolerable I'm sure.:(

Since your main problem is pressure in your head and your vision then a good place to start would be there.Did you have an EEG or a brain MRI?It's hard to get an accurate DX without some tests to go on.

It could be something as simple as sinus problems or even migraines with or without pain.

The only way you'll get help is to have further tests done.What tests have you had so far?

I've heard that people who try to go off anti-depressants can get head pressure and flu-like symptoms...maybe you need a higher dose....what does your dr. say anyways?

Well for now try not to worry so much about what you may or may not have...that will just fuel the fires of anxiety:mad

Keep us posted...glad to offer any advice....we are a lovely bunch of caring souls on this board:angel:

Things will get better:)

[QUOTE=Bill Zenith;3760515]Thanks for all the responses. I'm glad to see this board is still active.

Unfortunately, though, I don't have health insurance at the moment. So it looks like an MRI, EEG, cat scan and so on are unlikely.

I don't think I have the paper with the tests I took handy... one thing I know for certain, though, is that B-vitamin levels were tested. Other than that, I just know it was the "average blood work up" for a male in his mid 20s. The doctor's office called back when they got the results, and they said "everything checked out fine." Both a relief and a disappointment.

Yes the gut issues I have are severe. I have frequent pulsing/pulling/pushing sensations in the lower torso. This then leads up through my back and it actually seems "connected" to the head pressure. The interesting thing here is that the head pressure was the first symptom, 4 years ago.

Then the "pulsing gut" slowly started coming on in the 3rd year. As this happened severe constipation, oddly shaped stools started appearing. So now I have all this going on at once, and it's a killer. Yes and also this "fullness" in the lower torso makes me walk oddly, as I said before. As I walk it feels like things move up and down in my lower back. It's very hard to describe this feeling though.

Tingling of extremities happens sometimes, but it seems to not be as bad as it was 1-2 years ago. Odd. I'm not sure I would call it numbness so much as I would call it "lessened skin sensitivity." Maybe.

I looked into diabetes myself and I'm certain I don't have it--I checked blood sugar on many different occasions and no problem there.

Onto the B12 deficiency, is there any simple test one could administer to himself, just to see if a positive result occurs? Other than the Paxil, I do take a daily B-vitamin complex. I don't think I notice any effect on my health problems, though. I have heard that B12 in particular is best absorbed sublingually. So if my gut is broken from IBS/possible candida, maybe I can't absorb b-vitamins through my gut? Possible?[/QUOTE]

Those are pdd stomach problems indeed have you told your doc about it?
Could be related to the constipation ...........

Sadly there is no home test for B12 there are other tests for B12 however that are used in conjuction with the serum they are more sensitive if your levels are low normal they are MMA & Homocysteine they are elevated in defficiency....
If you are unable to absorb B12 tablets are a waste of time you would need sublinguals or shots and sadly a b complex will have very little B12 to address a deficiency.........
Do you take inner health or something like that probiotics?

I wish I could help you further I would really try to see a doc re stomach I dont know much about paxil but is it possible it is attributing to your stomach problems?

I wish you well if you have any more question I am happy to try and answer them for you
hello again.....sorry you aren't able to have tests due to lack of health coverage.

You have a lot of symptoms going on that's for sure.Sometimes problems with the back can cause stomach/bowel issues.It seems like your whole body is symptomatic at this point.

Do you qualify for any free medical help?I would think that when you had that blood work-up your dr. would have listened to your complaints and given you an idea of what may be wrong.Did he feel it was just anxiety?

So what about the long term use of Paxil...maybe it's having an effect on your body?You might have become too used to it and need to have it switched to a different med...I don't know,but maybe you could call your dr. and ask if that's possible...or look it up online.

Take care and don't worry...worry doesn't help just drains you.Maybe you could get a different anti-depressant...lots of people become immune to a drug after a certain amount of time..maybe that's so in your case.

Hope you find some relief....try not to worry too back anytime...we're here for everyone~Scout
Do you qualify for any free medical help?I would think that when you had that blood work-up your dr. would have listened to your complaints and given you an idea of what may be wrong.Did he feel it was just anxiety?

In that appointment, I went in with serious concerns about constipation and possible impaction, he addressed that.. of course I had many other health concerns, but he didn't leave time to discuss anything else.. doctors are busy I guess.

I am sure if I went in with all the bizarre symptoms I have now, he'd say it's mostly anxiety. Or something useless like try a nasal spray for the head pressure (that's been tried before, it didn't help me)..

Referall to a specialist is possible, but I can't afford that.

Further blood tests would be within monetary range for me, however.

[U]The curious thing here: 4 years ago there were several people here who had the head pressure, now it seems either no one here has it, or they're just not responding...[/U]
[QUOTE=Bill Zenith;3761731]I mean a test, as in: just trying B-12 sublingually to see if anything happens. I thought that tinctures are available OTC, right?

What are the basic symptoms of B-vitamin deficiency anyway?

Despite the blood test not finding a problem, I think B-vit deficiency might be possible because of drug addiction and alcoholism, I went through both.. alcohol especially leeches b-vitamins from the body.

As far as the head pressure goes.. I've not been on the board for years.. is it usually a problem of vasodilation or vasoconstriction?

If I can figure that out, there are medications I could try to see if they have any effect. I'm considering trying Wellbutrin for ADD and anhedonia.. I know it's useful for migraines too.[/QUOTE]

Hi Bill

I know you say you cant afford the tests but I really think you need them...
But anyway yes you could try the subs I recommend Methylcobalamin though not the others as it has a great impact on neuro symptoms esp.... and the healing is better you need to take a few subs though....

It is highly likely you have a deficiency with the alcholisim you are right on track there....I really dont know much about head pressure

You will need cofactors with B12 as well like folate ( chances are you are deficeint in folate from the alchol) but I am not a doctor just one you has had B12 deficiency and has great healing and know what has worked for me....That is why I recommend further tests but at least B12 is non toxic so it wouldnt hurt to try but its your chioce I cant say either way.....

Here are some symptoms of a deficiency

Numbness and tingling
vision problems
memory loss
gait disturbance
positve rombergs
cold intolerance
sleep problems
shot of breathe
sore tongue
electric like pain in flanks
foggy head
cognitive problems
gets lost through a sentence jumbles up words
frequent urinating
weakness in the limbs and general
premature greying
loss of appetite
weight loss
These can be symptoms of many things that is why it goes undiagnosed a lot
These are some I got others i didnt and there are many more besides but these are the main ones

good luck

A common misconception with many conditions/diseases is that you have to have most or all of the symptoms to have the condition or the disease. This is so far from the truth...everyone's body is different as is their immune system...and ticks that carry lyme can also carry other bacterial infections so no one has identical symptoms. This is one of many reasons it is difficult to diagnose. Some people may only have ONE symptom of lyme disease...some seem to have EVERY symptom.

I just read your post about your response to alcohol....and the only posts I've read in the past almost tow years that address an altered response to alcohol suggest lyme's disease. I really think you need to thoroughly read the lyme's boards. Perhaps an "advanced search" with the key word being alcohol might be a good place to start.

Bill, When you say you have pressure, where are you feeling it, in the front of your head or back? Reason I ask is I had some of the very same symptoms as you are describing. After seeing several specialists, it actually came down to a specialized chiropractor who specializes in the cervical spine. It may be worth your while to find one in your area and have them analyze the possibility of your atlas being out of alignment. I recommend you also read up on that topic to see if any symptoms sound similiar to yours .. I know it's helped myself and many others. Good Luck.
[QUOTE=debby1966;3769816]Bill, When you say you have pressure, where are you feeling it, in the front of your head or back? Reason I ask is I had some of the very same symptoms as you are describing. After seeing several specialists, it actually came down to a specialized chiropractor who specializes in the cervical spine. It may be worth your while to find one in your area and have them analyze the possibility of your atlas being out of alignment. I recommend you also read up on that topic to see if any symptoms sound similiar to yours .. I know it's helped myself and many others. Good Luck.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for responding Debby. Can you elaborate on which other symptoms you share in common with me? (I also have another thread which discusses my case in greater detail, entitled "strange reaction to alcohol.")

The pressure seems to be worst around the sides of my head, but it's also very often in the back of my head, and well, pretty much everywhere. It's in my neck too, especially the [B]upper left side [/B]of my neck... I also have a lot of crackling sensations in my neck/head and these sensations can sometimes be associated with the pressure, too.

Some things that modify the pressure:
1) Sometimes during the [B]process [/B]of eating, the pressure becomes less noticeable. However about 30 minutes after I've had a meal, it starts to get a lot worse than it was before.
2) Strenuous exercise makes it almost invisible for an hour or two, but when it comes back, it comes back with a vengeance. Light exercise seems to be relieve it slightly, without making it worse.

I'm looking up misaligned atlas... this website does not permit links to other sites here.. is there another common name that this condition goes by?

Sorry, I didn't see your other thread, but will look at it. Can you answer
a couple quick questions for me? When did these symptoms first start for
you? Did you by any chance have a flu shot last year? Just curious.
Anyway, yes, my head pressure is located mainly in the back of my head near
the occiptal bone, behind my ears on both sides, sometimes worse on one side
than the other. I also have ongoing symptoms of terrible neck pain and
stiffness, headache, jaw pain. I too experienced problems worsening when
eating. As well as when I did exercise it did help my symptoms for a short
time. As I said, after seeing many many specialists, I stumbled upon this
possibility of this being connected to a misaligned atlas. I have had
several non-painful treatments to put my atlas back in alignment and have
seen great improvement in my condition. These treatments are not very
costly and do not require you to have them done 3 times a week, like some
standard chiropractors .. so I definitely would encourage you to atleast try
seeing one of these doctors. Many of them often will see you for a free
consultation and can identify right off if they think this might be part of
your problem. With regard to your reaction to alcohol, without having read
your whole thread, I can say from my own similiar experience with strange
reactions to meds since this all happened, that it does relate to the

I wish you all the luck. If I can help you further in any way, I'd be more
than happy.

~ Debby
Hi Bill,
Although you've had no injuries, the position of your posture that you described could well certainly be causing your problems. I have had car accidents, which contribute to my problems, however, I too have sat a desk for over 20 years now and have been diagnosed with "forward head syndrome" which is a common outcome from bad posture, etc. I still highly recommend you try and seek out a specialized "Atlas Orthogonal" chiropractor vs. a standard chiropractor. The reason being is they have a very different approach to treatment and some standard chiropractors can make conditions worse, which we all don't want or need. I still believe that most chiropractors offer a free consultation .. hopefully in your area too - not sure where your from, but if you need help locating one of these specialists, let me know, I'd be glad to help. Yes, I have also experienced problems with eye pain, and swallowing, not so much with the bowel movement, but I definitely feel it could all tie into together ... Let me know what you decide. I really feel it's worth your while to look into.
We seem to have some of the same issues...I have had

- Pressure in my head but mine is usually on one side
- Cramps, muscle pain, muscle spasms, cold and hot sensations
- Blurred vision ( one eye for me )
- stiff neck, neck pain, knots in neck

I also have GAD, IBS, and TMJ...

After reading over your syptoms it sounds to me like you might have a couple things going on here. One thing that caught my eye though was the jaw snapping. Do you notice that you are clenching or grinding your teeth at all? I say this because it would explain SOME of your symptoms. And then the GAD and IBS would probably explain the rest except for the double vision...I would have that checked out. I am actually going Friday morning for a MRI because of my weird vision changes but I noticed you said you dont have health insurance. If your really worrried about it just go to the ER and they will probably do a CT Scan of your head and at least it would make you feel better. You will get a bill in the mail eventually but at least you dont have to worry about coming up with the money now. And hopefully some of your anxiety related symptoms will go away.

I usually have a hard time seperating my anxiety symptoms from my real symptoms. Usually I figure whatever happened first is real and the rest of the stuff is just me freaking out and having anxiety.

Good luck to you.
i have some of your symptoms,plus something like double vision of nose(two shadows left and right of half nose,exactly what this dude says ).I have a preasure in my head like a rhythmic beating or pulse and this affects my eyes.i feel like my teeths are pushing each other(sory for my poor english vocabulary),i have a light pulse on the rest of my body too especially on stomache where i feel sometimes a strong rhythmic beating.i have been in many doctors(neuologists and ophthalmologists)and most of them didnt find anything from the tests(i have done a tomography of my back,neck,head).of course because i had double vision(only in some cases not always),i did a muscle surgey on left eye.After this i have been better for 4 months(vision only) but now when i started the university,i have again these two seperate nose shadows that are in front of my vision.Two weeks earlier i have visted an ruusian neurologist that lives here in greece and he looked at the tomography of my back.He told that the disc(the top part of skeleton)is blocking an arterial so mayby this causing the problem.he gave me some pills like neurozan,stugeron and told me to come after two weeks for report and to give me something more strong.After 4 years my life is a misery but i keep searching to find my health back.So its very nice to see that im not alone with unknown and rare health deseases.If you found any solution for your problem please post it.
hey benit
well I see you are still looking for a diagnosis and treatment.gjoy let me know you are going to be seeing a neurologist in the near future.I hope you get some have been waiting so long for this.

Sorry I haven't been around to offer any computer crashed and I was without it for a long time.

I noticed when I get the head pressure it tends to be relieved when I eat food with a high salt content so I think I am having low blood pressure episodes.what do you think about that being the cause of your head pressure?I'm not sure it is mine,but for now it does help me.

Have a good day and I wish you a happy new year dear friend.

Great to see you back, scout! I hope you're doing well...?

My appointment with the neurologist is scheduled for February 4th. I do not expect much to come of it, but perhaps maybe a few things can be "ruled out," at least. I also think the neurologist may tell me to abstain from all caffeine for a while, which is something that would be very frustrating for me.

That's interesting that you mention low blood pressure being a cause. I do tend to drink a lot of water, and as they say, a lot of clear liquid can remove salt from your system. But then again I also have a lot of salt in my diet and I never had a low sodium reading on a blood test.

Eating in general relieves head pressure for a short while. That's gotta be some kind of clue, but I don't know if that relief is due to the sodium content. I haven't been able to establish that pattern, as yet.

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