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i have some of your symptoms,plus something like double vision of nose(two shadows left and right of half nose,exactly what this dude says ).I have a preasure in my head like a rhythmic beating or pulse and this affects my eyes.i feel like my teeths are pushing each other(sory for my poor english vocabulary),i have a light pulse on the rest of my body too especially on stomache where i feel sometimes a strong rhythmic beating.i have been in many doctors(neuologists and ophthalmologists)and most of them didnt find anything from the tests(i have done a tomography of my back,neck,head).of course because i had double vision(only in some cases not always),i did a muscle surgey on left eye.After this i have been better for 4 months(vision only) but now when i started the university,i have again these two seperate nose shadows that are in front of my vision.Two weeks earlier i have visted an ruusian neurologist that lives here in greece and he looked at the tomography of my back.He told that the disc(the top part of skeleton)is blocking an arterial so mayby this causing the problem.he gave me some pills like neurozan,stugeron and told me to come after two weeks for report and to give me something more strong.After 4 years my life is a misery but i keep searching to find my health back.So its very nice to see that im not alone with unknown and rare health deseases.If you found any solution for your problem please post it.

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