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Hi Trigal~

There is much contraversy with Drs as Scout said, with smaller herniations. With most local Dr's, neurosurgeons and neurologists, they will not concider surgery for a 5mm. But if you see a chiari specialists, they will concider a small herniation and look at the big picture when concidering surgery.

If you concider that CFS fluid nourishes and protects our brains, if there is a decreased flow of the CFS fluid, it can cause so many problems, one being a syrinx.

The way this was explained to me was, when we are active, our pulse goes faster and the CFS fluided then travels up our spinal cord, to our brain and flows, then back down into our spinal canal. When there is a blockage of CFS fluid, the fluid can't rush up where it belongs and settles back into the spinal cord, causing the pocket of fluid, the syrinx.

I have decreaed flow in the back of my head as well. I also have a 6mm herniation. I did opt to go to a chiari specialist, The Chiari Clinic (TCI) and they said surgery was an option. My local neurologist told me that no Dr's local would have touched me.

I do want to say that TCI didn't jump and say that I had to have surgery or there was urgency to get it done right away. They left the decision up to me. My quality of life had diminished so badly, I didn't see what I had to lose having the surgery.

I had a tethered cord so that was my 1st surgery. I still have to go back for more. And I do understand the fear of having the head cut open. I don't look forward to that either. But Chiari is a progressive disease and for me, I choose to do whatever I can to stop it from progressing further. Of course, thats a personal choice and not everyone gets the surgery done.

But for you, at least be aware that a syrinx can cause more neurological problems to occur. If you decide to stay with your current DR, make sure he is keeping a close eye on the syrinx and its not getting larger. Theres also the option of seeking out a chiari specialist for another opinion.

In the mean time, if we can be of any help here, feel free to shout out. Scout (and she is such a sweet heart, I miss you too:)) calls me the expert. I have learned alot since my DX in April but definately don't know all there is to know but am always willing to learn more.

The most important thing we can do for ourselves is educate ourselves so we can advocate our way to a better health.

Hang in there;)


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