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Hi Scout~

It really does help to keep your head straight and use really good posture. I noticed with myself, after giving you that advice, that I keep my head this way all the time. I don't bend my neck at all. Even as I'm typing, my neck is very straight but my eyes shift down at the keyboard. I wasn't even aware I did this. But i noticed today when I drove Rheachel to school that I keep my neck very straight. Then when I was aware of what I was doing, I tried moving my head like in a nod and it caused pain. So subcontiously, I must have adapted this posture. Very weird. But as you go, you'll find things that are helpful. I'm glad you can now wash your hands without getting dizzy;)

You babysit the babies and the dogs, huh? Pets are nice to have around but are alot of work too. We have too many in our house. a lizard, 3 birds and 2 cats. My one cat is like a 2 year old and is into everything. He goes through cabinets and everything. He reaches into my hutch, grabs himself a lollipop and off he goes. I have to take things away from him all the time. Pain in the but!! So I can understand the frustration when they got at the garbage:D

Those foolish pumice stones are very popular, believe it or not. One of the top sellers. I do have alot of stuff so I'm hoping with christmas coming up, things will pick up and i can set up my appointment to New York. It would be ideal if I could scedule my next surgery on a school vacation time. I bring Rheachel to and from school and don't really have anyone to help with that unless I'm putting others out of their way.

it is really nice to have you too, as my virtual friend Scout.

Rain is here today. Hopefully it passes soon. Its so dark and gloomy. Lets hope for some bright sunshine:)

Take care


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