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Good Morning Cindy!

Just a quick post...I'll write more later.....that secondary CM I read about it at the national institute of neurological disorders and stroke.....lots of interesting facts.Maybe you could read it and we can share on it!

I have to admit I am very stubborn about coming to terms with my Chiari's just me Cindy I have a hard time accepting my DX...just frightens me so I deal with it the only way I can.Hoping that Chiari will be researched me there just seems like there's too many gray areas....okay for other parts of the body,but kind of scary when it's your brain.

Well I am kind of wiped out today.....all that preparation with the beef hubs is happy (his favorite meal!),but it's Too much least my hands were okay...there's days where they are so weak it's hard to do anything...soooo strange if you ask me.

Have to run errands today...oh yes I sell online,but not a lot...I've sold some dvds and a few other things.Your baskets sound amazing and what great gifts to give when you want something with a unique personal touch.I bought a lot of teletubby stuff for Benny(he has loved the teletubbies since he was a baby,but now he's into wrestling(so funny!),but I have a passion(seriously!) about the tubbies..I just love them(I know you're probably laughing like is kind of funny...silly me!) and also I've bought some ooak(one of a kind) hand made polymer dolls....there are some really nice ones,but way over my budget(hahaha!)...I can't see paying like a hundred bucks and even more for a little doll!

This post actually got to be a long one!I'll check back in far so good for me today(no pain yet!).

And I can't get that "lyme" off my mind...I want a lyme test really bad...I hope my dr. doesn't argue with me about it...I decided that I'll tell him my neuro asked me to be checked for it...makes sense to me!My neuro did tell me to have my dr. run a complete blood count on all my electrolytes and "stuff",but I also want my ferritin checked,because I run very low on that,fun,fun!

be back later~Scout
Hey funny we are...aren't we?;)

Went to my dr. appointment..somehow they accidentally cancelled my appointment,but said they could still fit me in...I had to wait 50 minutes!!!!

He was Great today!He ordered me a urinalysis(because I told him the home test showed I was + for nitrates).Then he said okay to get the ferritin checked and also magnesium,phosphorus(my neuro said that low phosphorus has something to do with seizures...I found some old blood labs when I was seizing quite a lot and my phosphorus level was low!!!!So I guess he's right!).Also he ordered acomplete metabolic I got what I wanted today!

He actually spent 40 minutes with me.....the office was very busy,but I think he is starting to like having me for a patient,because he said he wasn't in a hurry funny...hahaha!:D

Well I'm getting my B12 shot on the I'll go get the bloods done right before that.....I know it's usually one tube for each test..sooooo that means they'll take 4 tubes...yuck-o!I'll be tired after that......once when they took 6 tubes I was so exhausted that I couldn't function for I hope 4 won't be too bad...haha!:)

I still need to have my EEG and brain MRI....just haven't felt like calling to schedule them......I'm supposed to see my neuro on the 29th for the EMG test in his office,so I'll do that first and tell him I have to still have the other hubs hasn't felt like taking maybe he'll feel better about taking me when he knows the dr. is getting aggravated that I didn't get them done yet...hahaha.I really wanted a full spine MRI,but the neuro said we'll do that later.....grrrr!I think I'm just afraid that the herniation will be bigger now,but who knows...maybe it will be gone!(wishful thinkin'!).:angel:

I just put the doggies outside...they are such babies..they have to be right by me all day and all night...I really love the little guys,but they are so needy...haha!

I can't believe Keith has were right!He seems so positive abiout it(probably relieved!)...and I hope everything goes well for him.I gues he got one of those ignorant neuro too not right.You know all they have to say is"I don't know much about this,so you need to see a Chiari specialist".but noooooooo they look at us like "how'd you even have the nerve to ask me about Chiari".......makes me so furious:D

Well I even vacuumed that's it for cookin' ...I'm drained already.Have to go to the bank and grocery store tomorrow(as usual),so I'll rest up for it now...I hate this...I need energy!

Oh I'm going to do some holiday shopping online tomorrow or on the weekend......hahaha...I do so like to sit at home and shop!You meet so many nice people too!:D

I hope your day has been a better day for you my dear friend.I read your post and felt so bad about the "sticky throat"(that's what I call it) occurence you had.I have had a few of those....scary,but I just stay calm and sip water or soda whatever is handy and near to reach for and it resolves in a little while.My dr. says it from low B12,but my level is better now...he said even though it's better it's not that good.I was thinking maybe you might benefit from B12 shots,because they even give them to MS helps with the nerve pain too...your B12 level isn't high either.....I bet it would help spine used to hurt so much...doesn't now...just a thought.:)

have lovely evening Cindy Scout~;)
Hi Kimberly~ Chiari is when the skull at the base of your head is too small, causing the brain to be squished and descend into the hole in the base of the skull, compressing the nerves of the brain stem and spinal cord. There is a wide variety of symptoms but here is a small list with the more common symptoms. Take care~ Cindy

Headaches in the base of your head that worsen when bending, straining, laughing or crying

pain radiate behind your eyes

Neck stiffness~ pain radiates into shoulders /arms

Light sensitivity~ Blurred vision~ double vision

Pressure in ears~ ringing~ sensitivity

Difficulty swallowing~ Sleep apnea

heart palpitations~ dizziness

Tingling~ numbness~ burning in extremities~ weakness~ stiffness

Bladder and bowel disfunction

Fatigue... And theres many more

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