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Hi Scout~

The rain passed you and is heading to us in the form of snow. I'm already feeling it and I'm laying low today:D

The little oak figures are so adorable. And the talent those people have. I am a very creative person and have tried sculping but i stink!! I would love to be able to make these little people. And just think of the money to be made!! I havent made any baskets to offer on there, I just have tons of character items. Dora, spongebob, etc. If you look for 300 pumice, you'll see. You must be a master at keywords to find your little dolls. If you search under differant keywords, you can find some steals!!

Bladder issues are soooo chiari. Actually, the tethered cord is a big factor. We get incontinence, frequent urination like you cant hold it as well as not being able to fully empty the bladder. I know you mentioned the urinalysis. Befor my TC surgery, TCI has us do a eurodynamics test to see how our bladder is functioning. I could never hold it before my surgery. The trip to New york, i had to stop several times. After the surgery, I made the 4 hour trip without one stop. It was amazing. I also had leakage issues which are resolved now. My bowels were an even bigger problem. I really thought i had a tumor. I would get so backed up, I was relying on enemas and spent many nights in the ER in pain. Horrible. I now go regular.

by the way, the laundry has now become my duties. Yuk:mad: I can only fold a few things at a time and to load the dryer, I'm careful how many wet items I pick up. I think for you, you really have to pay attention when your at the sink. Bending your neck can be causing your balance issues because your putting pressure on the nerves. Try to act like your wearing a collar on your neck and dont bend it so much and see if it helps.

Also, I run hot and cold all day. Thats common as well. We get alot of temperature fluctuations. We even run low grade fevers as well.

I've been following Bills post but havent fealt well enough to respond. But so many things make me think chiari. His head pressure, worcening of symptoms after a bowel movement, because of the straining, it makes things worse. Not empying the bladder and so forth. If you want to share this with him, feel free and maybe a bit later after I lie down for awhile, I'll send him a post as well.

Talk to you soon


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