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Hello Bill...I apologize for sounding so blunt in my last post to you.You are Welcome here as much as any of us are.

It's very hard to diagnos symptoms when you haven't had many test results to go on.I really sympathize with you on your not having health insurance.You are having a really lot of symptoms and my heart goes out to you as well as to everyone else here.

Okay I've gone thru all your posts from your other thread so let's see if we can go over your symptoms.

Head Pressure(started 4 years ago...very First Symptom)
(at this time you had bloods drawn and everything was normal)
(before the Head Pressure started you had had a drug addiction
(Head Pressure continues to steadily get worse)
Pressure in left side of neck sometimes
Eye Floaters
Lessened Skin Sensitivity
Double Vision(started 7-8 months ago)
Eye Muscle Difficulty(worse with head pressure)
Muscle Spasms
Stiff Neck
Snapping Jaw
Severe Constipation
Severe "Gut" Issues
Pusing,Pulling,Pushing in Lower Torso
(this makes it feel like something is moving up and down in your back)

Bill this list will make it more easier for other posters to see your symptoms without having to look back at the original thread.Just trying to help here...I Really Do Care!

The only med you take is Paxil 30mg for several years

Symptoms seem to intensify after 2 drinks and after 5 drinks are even worse

First question:Bill do you ever take antacids or anything for your stomach(gut) problems?

When did you last have those blood tests done?

What color are your stools?

Do you have cold intolerance?

Any weakness anywhere in your body?

Any problems swallowing food?

Ringing/buzzing sounds in ears?

Bill...I have to say that "Lyme Disease"is probably a long shot,but you can't rule anythig out,you know?

What I'm seriously thinking is that your B12 level is compromised.I went over your other posts and you know I was in a similar state of mind as you are in right now.I felt like a hypochondriac and was trying to figure out on my own what my symptoms pointed to.I wish there was an OTC test for B12,but there isn't.What I suggest is that you could go to the health food store and purchase sub lingual B12 and start taking it daily....but on the other hand a B12 test,MMA test,folic acid test,homocysteine test would be better.

Maybe you could get a copy of the B12 test you had before?

I hope you know that you are cared about here.Sorry again for being a butt-head....

Please post back.......happy to have you on this board Bill!....take care always~Scout
Hi Bill,

Basically I can go to bed fine, but when I wake up in the morning I have the following symptoms. These tend to last all day and clear by the following morning though sometimes they can last for two full days which is really quite worrying.
Symptoms include:
• Dry mouth, unquenchable thirst.
• Dry hands
• Dry eyes, I can almost feel my eyes moving in my head which is weird. Also I get floating objects in my eyes.
I'll often wake up during the night with “dead” arms.
I tend to get a slightly stuffy nose
• Ringing in the ears which can be quite intense
• A pressure headache like someone is squeezing the sides of my head.
Those are the physical symptoms, which are annoying enough but the worst things is that I just can’t focus. I find that I can start a sentence get halfway through it and then completely forget where I was going. At work I end up with about 10 half done jobs because I start something then get slightly distracted and forget what I was doing and move onto something else. I find I'm constantly asking people if I'm making sense.

I do stupid things like putting the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge.

My mind races, it’s almost like I'm on drugs or something (which I'm not). I can come up with some great ideas, real world beaters which when I look at them again the following day were just stupid.

Anyway, that’s about it. I've been through a few head doctors and I think they just think I'm making it up. I've been for an MRI scan had psycho analysis etc and it turns out I'm fairly normal.

These symptoms seem to happen about once every 10 - 14 days. I used to think it was alcohol related which is why I found your post originally, now I'm convinced it’s not. I can have loads of beer, and be absolutely fine or no beer and get the same problems. I'm becoming more and more convinced that it’s either garlic, salt or tomatoes. I started keeping a food diary and it seems to be that whenever I have the systems, I've eaten either garlic or tomatoes or both the night before.. Going to try to lay of them for a while..

Have you been free of the symptom since you became pretty much t-total?
Anyway, If I get anywhere I’ll let you know. Best of luck.

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