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[QUOTE=scout316;3770014]Hi chell1999.....

Migraines making someone feel weak doesn't sound right...I've never heard that said before.I have migraines and weaknes was never a symptom with them..other things yes,but not woth the migraines.

Were you put on the topamax before or after the burning started?

Did they rule out Chiari Malformation on your brain MRI?Often this is missed...did you get a copy of yoyur MRI report and or the actual MRI fims/discs?If not you should request copies for future reference.

I sympathize with's hard to be not feeling well when you have a job to go to and little children that need your love and sorry you are having to go through these health issues.

Did your MD do any blood labs on you?That would be a necessary thing due to your being so weak and dizzy.You could be anemic and/or B12 deficient or just low on vitamins.(I happen to be B12 deficient).

If you haven't had labs done I would absolutely request to have them.

Do you have pain going on anywhere in your shins,sides,hips,feet,hands,back?Sorry for all the ???sJust trying to see if anything else is being affected.

Weakness and burning pain could be related to some kind of neuropathy.How do you feel if you don't take the topamax?

My friend Cindy here has a lot of knowledge about several health issues...maybe she can be of some help too.I'll send her a post

Try not to worry...take care~Scout[/QUOte

Hi scout

The burning was going on before I started the Topamax. I haven't ever had blood work done. I do have alot of weakness in my arms and hands and pain in my neck. I have a hard time holding onto small objects for long periods of time. (like my cell phone or a steering wheel) I am suppose to start physical therapy on my neck soon. I am not sure why. My neuro said he thinks I have a pinched nerve. I disagree. I haven't ever heard of this Chiari Malformation before. I think I will do some research on it. Thank you for your quick responses. I really don't think don't think a migraine would start in April and last through October. I am hurting more and more every day I am thankful for this message board and everyone on it.

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