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Re: Burning pain
Oct 26, 2008
Hi Jenny~

I share this burning pain and Neuropathy and it is not fun. Mine is in my face, down to my feet, throught my whole body. I am also on Gabapentin and it does not control this.

I have chiari malformation so my GP says that we will continue to try different things to help in monthly intervalls. But he also told me I will most likely have to live with a certain level of pain. Not very promising. But the alternative is resorting to narcotics for relief, which my Dr and I agree we don't want to go there.

One thing that does help is if you ice the area your having pain. The brain can only feel 1 sensation at a time. So if it feels cold, it can't feel pain.

I certainly wouldn't except a diagnosis of Neuropathy without knowing what is causing it. There has to be some underlying condition causing this symptom. Thats just my opinion;)

I wish you luck!!

Take care


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