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I would definitely hold off on the steroids as it is not worth the risk...IF you do indeed have Lyme Disease, it could move your condition into the advanced stages which can result in death...which supposedly is "rare"...but why take that chance?

You ask if it is possible to experience a bad reaction in an hour? I don't know but Lyme is circulated throughout the body via the blood stream. How long does it take for the blood to circulate once through the body?

[I]Sinus infections are very common with LD[/I]...I can't speak from first hand experience, but many have taken antibiotics for their sinus infections, only to have the sinus (and other) symptoms get worse, [I]and then get better[/I]. The reason for this is that when the person starts taking antibiotics, it begins killing off the unwelcome bacteria. Dead bacteria produces toxins which the kidneys and the liver dispose of. If there is a very large amount of dead bacteria, the kidneys and the liver can't get rid of it fast enough and the symptoms worsen [I]temporarily[/I].

When people experience undiagnosed problems in multiple body systems, like you yourself have experienced, it often occurs after a stressful event...illness, car accident, unhappy anniversary, etc. And it may be difficult for someone to understand why Lyme would be the culprit...but when one is under stress (or under the "influence" of steriods), the body's immune system becomes overwhelmed, or ineffective, and unwelcome bacteria thrive and grow and are circulated by the blood to the brain, the bones, the nerves, the digestive system, the reproductive system, etc. And because (among other things) that bacteria may have 300 or more different strains, it doesn't show up in any tests! So while doctors are taking test after test after test, those little devils are having a party and are eating nerves, bones, cartilege, etc. and otherwise raising Cain and no one is the wiser.

Simplified version, definitely not clinical, but hopefully, you get the idea.

Take care.


PS You might want to check the Lyme Boards to see what antibiotic Lymies with sinus infections have found to be effective. If your sinus infection responds to treatment, your other symptoms may abate as well....but do some more reading as there is more to it than that.

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